Nako Village

Nako Village (3662m) is one of Kinnaur’s most picturesque hamlets. Nako is slated to be declared a ‘Heritage Village’ gates in the village streets built from stone & wood & painted in the inside with colorful Buddhist religious paintings. This is built around a small lake and has an important Buddhist monastery & a couple of small temples. A footprint-like impression on a rock is ascribed to the Saint Padamasambhava. Nako Monastery is located in the village as well as several other Buddhist temples. Nako Monastery allegedly founded by Ringchen Zangpo in 996 ad. Small old temples with old sculptures and frescoes, sadly some of them neglected. There's also a new Temple built in recent years. Nako Lake is a small & beautiful holy lake. Early in morning is the most scenic if water is still you get beautiful reflection of the village. There are some nice day walks around the mountains if you're reasonably fit.  The only things you'll encounter underway are sheepherders and great views.

           Nako Lake

Nako Village
Nako Monastery


Footprint-like impression on a rock is ascribed to the Saint Padamasambhava
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