Access and Climate - Kangra

How to Reach:

By Road - Kangra is well connected by road. State Transport buses connect Kangra with most of the major cities of the state and neighboring states. National and state highways criss-cross the area.
By Rail - The nearest narrow gauge railway station is Kangra. The nearest broad guage railway station is Pathankot.
By Air - Nearest airport is Gaggal, 12 Km from Kangra town.

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History of Kangra

The history of Pre-Aryan and Aryan eras is mainly based on the epics like Vedas, Puranas, Mahabharata, etc.  In Rigveda, reference of Arijikya (Beas) flowing through this area has been made.  This region,  commonly named as Dev Bhumi is believed to be the abode of gods...

About Kangra

Kangra district lies between 31˚ 21′ to 32˚ 59′ N latitude and 75˚ 47′ 55″ to 77˚ 45′ E longitude. It is situated on the southern escarpment of the Himalayas. The entire area of the district is traversed by the varying altitude of the Shivaliks, Dhauladhar and the Himalayas from north-west to south-east.....

About Hamirpur

Hamirpur district forms the middle part of the State. It is bound by Kangra district in the north, Mandi district in the north east, Bilaspur and Una districts in the south east and south respectively.  It is located between 76°16" and 76°43" East longitudes and 31°35" and 31°55" North latitudes. As per revenue record the geographical area of this district is 1, 10,070 hectares and according to Survey of India total geographical area is 1118 sq. kms....


The early history of the region covered by the present district of Hamirpur may be traced back to the Palaeolithic age as evidenced by the discovery of choppers, hand axes and pebble cores. According to the Pauranic tradition the earliest known Aryan people who settled in this region, lying between the Yamuna and the Vindhyas, were known as Chedis. The Chedi kingdom was known as tone of the16 most important kingdom of that period in Mahabharat...

Facts of Bilaspur

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